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Companies and individuals must own their risks—environmental and otherwise. We establish systems to prevent, detect, and correct problems before they escalate, or defend them when they break down.


Our first role is to help clients “prevent, detect, respond to, and correct” violations. While it is not unusual for a company to have compliance programs and oversight in place—particularly large, established corporations—their effectiveness may be unknown, unreviewed, or outdated based upon new government priorities. We work with companies of all sizes and industries to document prior investments, structural adequacy, and compliance history; assess systems and risks; and correct course, if necessary, to mitigate exposure.

If a criminal investigation is opened, we immediately focus on marshalling the facts and developing a strategy to minimize exposure, and to persuade the prosecutor not to bring charges. However, if a business crimes investigation leads to indictment, our focus shifts to pre-trial strategy, as well as designing and building a winnable case. Our smart, experienced, and hardworking team goes beneath the surface to master the witnesses, documents, and underlying persuasive defense themes. We sculpt away the unnecessary parts and resurface with the essential story that a jury will understand and embrace.

Whether in a board room, a settlement conference room, or in a courtroom, our compliance counselors, regulatory litigators and trial-tested lawyers are safe hands for the demanding defense of business crimes.

We perform risk mitigation services for regulated companies and individuals, including:

  • Developing and performing environmental corporate compliance assessments.
  • Designing and conducting audits on regulatory issues.
  • Preparing voluntary self-disclosures under federal and state statutory schemes.
  • Developing training programs for corporate boards, executives, and employees.

We provide investigatory and defense services for all companies and individuals, including but not limited to:

  • Preparing for and responding to search warrants.
  • Preparing pretrial motions on regulatory and technical issues.
  • Conducting internal investigations.
  • Collecting and processing electronic data for criminal cases.
  • Responding to grand jury and regulatory subpoenas.
  • Representing witnesses before the grand jury.
  • Negotiating plea agreements.
  • Defending complex indictments at trial.
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