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What is the Deal With TDF Drug and Truvada Lawsuits?
Tuesday, April 2, 2019

You have seen a lot of commercials and have probably been searching the internet for some straightforward explanations about TDF drug and Truvada lawsuits.

Very simply, TDF is short for tenofovir disoproxil fumarate. It is an HIV drug marketed by Gilead. TDF drugs are sold under different brand names, such as:

  • Truvada (the most popular)

  • Atripla

  • Complera

  • Stribild

  • Symfi-Lo

  • Cimduo

  • Viread

Recent lawsuits across the country allege that TDF drugs have serious side effects, such as:


  • acute kidney injuries;

  • chronic kidney disease;

  • renal failure;

  • and related nephritic injuries.


  • fractures;

  • osteoporosis;

  • osteopenia;

  • and related orthopedic injuries.

The legal issue is that those lawsuits also allege that Gilead knew of these serious side effects, but did not properly warn patients or their doctors.

The bigger legal issue is that those lawsuits also allege that Gilead had already developed safer HIV drugs (known as TAF drugs), but Gilead delayed putting its safer HIV drugs on the market in order to maximize profits on the TDF drugs – even though the TDF drugs were known to cause severe kidney and bone injuries to people who already had serious health concerns.

Generally, to potentially qualify for a TDF drug lawsuit, you would need to show that you took a TDF drug and that you suffered a kidney or bone injury. The easiest way to show that you took a TDF drug is by looking through your pharmacy records. Then, in order to show a kidney or bone injury, you would just have to find a diagnosis in your hospital or other medical records. You can contact your pharmacist, doctor and hospital to get a copy of your records, or you can enlist the help of a law firm to help you do that. Once you know that you have taken a TDF drug and been diagnosed with a serious kidney or bone injury, then you can make an informed choice of whether you qualify for and wish to be part of the ongoing TDF drug litigations.

One last thing. If you think that you might have a possible TDF drug claim, you want to pay attention to it sooner, rather than later. There are different deadlines and statutes of limitations that could bar you from filing any claims if you wait too long.

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