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Can I Submit Anonymous Tip to SEC Whistleblower Office? Chapter 2
Monday, June 19, 2017

Yes, but only if you have an attorney represent you in connection with your submission. An experienced whistleblower attorney can skillfully guide you through the process, maximizing the likelihood that your identity is not revealed to unauthorized parties.   

In addition, the SEC is committed to protecting whistleblowers’ identities, to the fullest extent possible. It would be very difficult for the SEC to receive the best fraud-exposing tips if it did not take steps to protect whistleblowers’ confidentiality. For example, the SEC will often issue awards and provide no information about the whistleblower or even the enforcement action. According to the SEC Whistleblower Office’s 2016 Annual Report to Congress, almost 25% of whistleblowers who received awards reported anonymously.

There are limits, however, to the SEC’s ability to shield your identity, and in certain circumstances the SEC must disclose it to outside entities. You should consult with an experienced whistleblower attorney for more details on your specific claim.

To learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Program, download the eBook SEC Whistleblower Program: Tips from SEC Whistleblower Attorneys to Maximize an SEC Whistleblower Award.

Chapter 1 - What is the SEC Whistleblower Program?

Chapter 3 - What Employment Protections are Available for SEC Whistleblowers?

Chapter 4- What Violations Qualify For A SEC Whistleblower Award?

Chapter 5- What are the largest SEC whistleblower awards?

Chapter 6- Who Is An Eligible SEC Whistleblower?

Chapter 7- Can I submit a tip to the SEC Whistleblower Office if I was involved in the fraud or misconduct?

Chapter 8- Can I Submit A Tip to the SEC Whistleblower Office if I Agreed to a Confidentiality Provision in an Employment/Severance Agreement?

Chapter 9- Compliance Personnel, Auditors, Officers and Directors Can Obtain SEC Whistleblower Awards

Chapter 10 - When is Best Time to Report Fraud or Misconduct to SEC?

Chapter 11 - Do I Have To Report The Violation To My Company Before Reporting It To The SEC Whistleblower Office?


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