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Sujyot’s love of building things – whether it’s relationships or more tangible structures – blends nicely with his practice. With more than 25 years of experience, he serves as bond counsel, issuer's counsel, bank counsel and underwriter's counsel in connection with the issuance of municipal securities for housing, economic development and industrial development. He brings public service to the private sector.

His clients include municipalities, state and local housing agencies, for-profit developers, non-profit housing organizations and investment banking firms. In every transaction, he emphasizes maximizing bond volume and value with creative structural techniques. His “everybody wins” attitude and engaging style energize his clients.

For local and state housing agencies throughout the United States, he advises on the structuring of debt transactions, analysis of tax issues, review of securities documents and implementation of due diligence procedures and the analysis of facility cash flows and financial information, while working with other participants in the common goal of a successful closing.

He is familiar with new money and refunding financing structures including senior/subordinated (rated and non-rated) transactions, credit enhanced transactions (i.e., FHA, Fannie Mae, GNMA, Letters of Credit, etc.), fixed and floating rate securities, insured transactions and taxable/tax-exempt conversion financings, refundings and derivatives (SWAP) transactions.

Applying his detailed knowledge with respect to single family housing financings, Sujyot serves as ongoing bond counsel to the Ohio Housing Finance Agency (participating in the issuance of bonds totaling over $7 billion in principal amount) and underwriter's counsel for Kentucky Housing Corporation (participating in the issuance of bonds totaling over $2 billion in principal amount), for their respective single family bond programs.

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