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Skilled at case strategy, brief writing, and oral advocacy, Kian Hudson is a consummate appellate lawyer. Clients rely on him to identify, frame, and present the arguments that will be most persuasive to the judges considering their cases, to the end of maximizing the potential for a beneficial outcome. Kian assists clients throughout the litigation process. At the outset of cases, he works to spot issues and arguments other lawyers may miss, and as cases proceed, he provides clients with clear and compelling dispositive motions and appellate briefs – including, if necessary, cert-stage and merits-stage briefing before the U.S. Supreme Court. Prior to joining the firm, Kian was deputy solicitor general for the state of Indiana, where he led the state’s efforts in scores of high-stakes and high-profile cases. In that role, he drafted nearly one hundred party and amicus briefs filed in the U.S. Supreme Court, multiple federal circuit courts, and the Indiana Supreme Court. Kian has presented 10 oral arguments in the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth and Seventh Circuits and the Indiana Supreme Court, including a winning en banc Seventh Circuit argument that resulted in a significant decision rejecting a constitutional challenge to Indiana’s sex offender registry. A prolific writer, Kian keeps his skills sharp by penning essays for a variety of non-legal publications, including National Affairs, The Bulwark, The Public Interest, Law & Liberty, FedSoc Blog, and The Federalist.

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