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Dr. Nick Oberheiden focuses his litigation practice on white-collar criminal defense, government investigations, SEC & FCPA enforcement, and commercial litigation. He has defended clients in PPP Loan Fraud cases and COVID-19 investigations. Nick also directs internal corporate investigations and he leads defense teams in whistleblower actions, corporate defense cases, as well as cases involving national security and elected officials.

Clients from more than 45 U.S. states have hired Nick to seek effective protection against government investigations, grand jury proceedings, whistleblower cases, federal criminal cases, and regarding questions of corporate compliance. Known for his exceptional analytical skills and effectiveness, Nick routinely avoids criminal charges in federal investigations and, as one of few lawyers, Nick has obtained “Not Guilty” verdicts in federal criminal trials.

When pleading guilty to federal charges is simply not an option, Nick is available to identify promising litigation strategies and to prepare clients meticulously and diligently for trials. Nick has tried cases to verdict, and he has obtained several acquittals in federal white-collar criminal jury trials. Nick set his first federal precedent when he, in the early stage of private practice, convinced a federal judge to break with 70 years of established practice and redefined the subpoena authority of attorneys under Rule 45 Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. In that case alone, Nick quashed 14 federal subpoenas.

Nick has appeared in litigation proceedings throughout the United States and he has never once lost a motion for summary judgment, a motion on jurisdiction, or a whistleblower case.

Nick has written several widely published books, articles, and blogs and he has taught constitutional law and federal civil procedure on several continents. Nick’s Ph.D. thesis, a critical analysis of constitutional interpretation, was personally enriched by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Breyer, the Chief Justice of Brazil, and others.

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Dr. Nick Oberheiden of Oberheiden P.C. has been named a Go-To Thought Leader for his coverage of the US federal government’s various actions related to healthcare fraud.  Dr. Oberheiden provided valuable insight into the federal government’s new enforcement effort into amniotic fluid injections, detailing how the treatment may be subject to investigation for fraud and scientific legitimacy by CMS and the US Department of Justice and saw considerable readership throughout the year.

Dr. Nick Oberheiden is a Go-To Thought Leader for 2021 for his coverage of FDA investigations.  NLR readers turn to Dr. Oberheiden’s experience conducting internal investigations and leading defense teams in whistleblower cases. Of particular note are Dr. Oberheiden’s articles on what to expect when facing an investigation by a government agency like the FDA, outlining practical information and strategies readers can use.

The National Law Review named Dr. Nick Oberheiden of Oberheiden P.C as a Go-To Thought Leader for his ‘what to do’ advice related to federal target letters, FBI Subpoenas, Administrative Law Judge hearings and healthcare fraud investigations. Dr. Oberheiden’s  experience conducting internal corporate investigations and leading defense teams in a variety of actions, including whistleblower and corporate defense cases really shows in his writing.  Dr. Oberheiden also analyzes trends in federal enforcement including personal protection equipment fraud, pharmacy compliance and fraud issues, and the newly emerging area of  Paycheck Protection Program Fraud.


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