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What you Should Know About Digital Marketing for Law Firms
Monday, August 28, 2017

Digital marketing is an effective way to market your business, and it’s particularly effective for law firms. But there are a few trends that you should know about. They’re changing firms advertise, and they’re providing great results. Here’s a look at some of the things you should know about digital marketing for law firms.

  1. SEO is key

Over the past few years, SEO has become increasingly important. Although it’s always been a key to law firm marketing, it’s even more important today. As more law firms use SEO to connect with people searching the internet for their service, you need to stand out. Simple SEO tactics won’t get the job done. You need to optimize your website better than other firms, and you need high-quality links to generate web traffic.

While SEO is effective for all types of law firms, it’s particularly effective for some niches. Other types of common niches for the marketing technique are malpractice firms, divorce firms, and criminal law firms. Of course, there are many other types of firms that could benefit from SEO.

Now that SEO is a common tactic among law firms, many firms are taking things one step further. They spend more time focusing on SEO. For some firms, this means outsourcing more SEO work. For others, this means hiring an in-house SEO expert. Search engine optimization has had incredible results, so people are willing to spend more money and time on it.

  1. Social media conversion counts

Social media is a powerful tool. So it should come as no surprise that many law firms already use social media to connect with current and potential clients. And while that is effective, many firms aren’t taking advantage of social media as much as they should. They limit their social media as a way to share content, and that’s it. There’s no time spent on strategy and no real focus on engagement.

The way of the future is to make sure your social media is getting conversions. It’s not just a mode for you to share your articles. Instead, it’s a tool for you to generate new clients. And to do that, you need strategy. Without social media strategy, you can’t get results. You need to plan out your posts and find out what your potential clients want. Avoid posting one blog post after another. Replace some of your blog posts with content that engages people. Engagement is the key to getting conversions. Give people a call to action, or ask them for their opinion about something. This can get your firm more conversions.

A conversion isn’t only about getting a new client. While that may be the ultimate goal, there are other types of conversions. It might be getting people to register for an event, or getting people to download an ebook.

It’s not enough to just do social media. You need to work hard at it. It takes strategy and planning. And with that effort comes results. Those results are easy enough to measure. You can use analytics to keep track of your conversions and find out what’s working. Tracking your progress can help your firm’s marketing be more effective than ever.

  1. Mobile optimization should be a priority

Smart phones do everything. Or at least, they do almost everything. With their ease of use, mobility, and extended battery life, people are using their phones to look at websites. In 2015, mobile web searches were greater than desktop searches. And this means you may need to change things up a bit.

The website someone sees on their phone may not be the website you designed. Websites need to be optimized for mobile phones, otherwise they may go unnoticed. Google even started to phase out non-optimized sites by ranking them lower in search engines. Your website needs to work well on phones as well as computers.

It’s not just about your website. Your content also needs to show up well on phones. If you’re posting content that takes too long to loud or looks unappealing on phones, people won’t read it. They’ll leave your site and go to another one that works. If you want your law firm to get attention, you need to go mobile.

  1. Microsites can help

When you try to put too many things on one website, people tend to get lost. They can’t find the information they need and they have a hard time focusing. For a website to be effective, it needs to be simple and clear. But if your law firm offers many different services, it can be difficult to keep things simple. You don’t want to leave out services, but you don’t want to have a confusing or scattered website.

There’s one easy solution for your problem – microsites. Law firms are starting to use microsites to separately market their services. For example, one firm may have one website for their personal injury claim representation. This may be in addition to their main site. The microsite is an easy way for prospective clients to find them. If it’s SEO optimized, it can bring more people to their website. Some law firms also create additional social media channels for these microsites. While it’s more to manage, it gives you more ways to advertise your services. It increases your online visibility and boosts brand awareness. And with the right tools, managing microsites and their social media channels is easy. In fact, good management can make it easy to keep track of everything that needs to be done. But if it sounds like too much work, some firms opt to outsource the work. Whatever you choose to do, the time it takes to manage your other websites is well worth the return.

  1. Analytics can track everything

It’s difficult to run any type of advertising campaign without the ability to track your results. More traditional methods of advertising have only a few ways to track result, most of which aren’t 100% accurate. But digital marketing is very different. There are plenty of tools out there that can help you track your digital marketing attempts.

Law firms are only starting to take advantage of the ability to track results. Many firms have results, but don’t know how to analyze them. While you might not be able to analyze the data yourself, there are firms who can do it for you. If law firms start to track results of their campaigns and analyze those results, the potential is limitless. You could fine tune your digital marketing campaign to get incredible results. As a result, you can get a great return on investment. The ability to track results is one of the features that makes digital marketing truly stand out from other marketing.

Digital Marketing Can Change Your Business

Whether you have a firm that represents someone who has a personal injury claim or a criminal charge, you can benefit from digital marketing. Technology has provided you with some amazing tools, and it’s time you start taking advantage of them. It doesn’t take much work to make the most of technology, but it can make a big difference.

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