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Webinar Recap: Double Your Close Rate in Half the Time - Client Intake Best Practices
by: Sarah Bottorff of Lawmatics  -  
Thursday, August 11, 2022

If your intake process isn’t systemized, odds are you’re losing potential clients to competitors. In 2020 alone, lawyers using intake technology earned nearly 40% more revenue per lawyer compared to firms not using these technologies. And though you can only do so much to influence a prospect’s hiring decision, fine-tuning your intake process with the help of powerful automation tools can significantly increase your close rate while saving more time. In our latest webinar, Lawmatics CEO and co-founder Matt Spiegel teamed up with Jordan Ostroff of LegalEase Marketing to share breakthrough methods of converting more prospects into paying clients that any attorney can implement right away.

Some of the key highlights include:

1. Use reporting to identify and maximize your marketing

Actively tracking the performance of your marketing efforts enables you to pinpoint which calls to action, content, and marketing emails are generating the most consultations and close rates, reducing overhead on client acquisition. Furthermore, A/B testing will help you identify your most effective:

  • Ad copy & creative

  • Ad channels

  • Ad placements

  • Referral sources

2. Create a frictionless web page that generates results

Strategically design your website or landing pages with all of the key engagement elements that you can in turn track  — from your headline, design, and special offer. Even the smallest adjustment can result in a dramatic increase in traffic and conversion.

3. Pre-sell your firm with automated marketing

From social proof to awards and recognitions, sending automated marketing emails (or texts) prior to the consultation can substantially improve the likelihood of client acquisition. Once a potential client signs up for a consultation, a triggered email confirmation helps to reduce the risk of no-shows or confusion.

4. Pre-screen your clients

Screening your clients with a thorough and automatically delivered digital intake form can spare your firm the hassle of scheduling a consultation with an unqualified or unfit prospect. From geographical area to finances, getting the information you need upfront equates to less hours spent on consultations that don’t yield retained clients.

5. Selling doesn’t stop post-hire

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking the selling stops once onboarding begins. Continue to deliver messages to reinforce your client’s choice to hire you throughout the entire lifecycle of your relationship, particularly post-matter resolution.

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