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IS TCR NEXT TO FACE BAN?: With Tik Tok Facing Ban Unless it Sells to American Company is The Campaign Registry Next on the List?
Wednesday, April 24, 2024

So its official– TikTok, owned by a Chinese company ByteDance, must either sell to a domestic company or be banned. This by an act of Congress.

Pretty big deal.

Per CBS news, the rationale is simple: “U.S. officials have repeatedly warned that TikTok threatens national security because the Chinese government could use it to spy on Americans or weaponize it to covertly influence the U.S. public by amplifying or suppressing certain content.”

Sounds about right.

But if TikTok’s foreign ownership is a danger to national security–and it seems that it is–how is the Campaign Registry’s foreign ownership not?

The TCR has a record of every intended text message campaign in the country–every business, and even every politician, must bow before TCR and disclose all manner of sensitive information regarding its intended outreach plans.

Just as in the case of TikTok, TCR is in the hands of a foreign-owned parent. And no assurances have been provided that data from American businesses–and political candidates!!–is being shared with the foreign owners of TCR.

So if foreign governments can use TikTok to spy on Americans, that is CERTAINLY the case with TCR– it has a COMPLETE roadmap of every outreach schedule, plan, and schema for every business and politician in the nation.

That’s just nuts folks. How could we allow that?

Plus TCR can EASILY shape American elections by approving certain content and messaging–perhaps from favorable “Manchurian” candidates–while rejecting campaigns by individuals that are less favorable to TCR’s foreign backers.

And let’s not forget that TCR is hobknobbing with the “Mobile Brotherhood”–the Mobile Ecosystem Forum–a shadowy group of telecom globalists who frequently convene to share god knows what information with one another.

This is a VERY serious issue, at least as threatening as TikTok’s foreign ownership in my view–and likely much worse.

Now, I can’t take credit for this analysis. This is not an original thought by the Czar.

A great telecom lawyer named Rick Joyce solved this a while ago as I discussed in superficial fashion a little while ago.

But with the move by Congress to ban TikTok–and as my simmering discontent with MEF continues– it definitely seems time for TCR to face a similar ban, or at least a transfer to a domestic company.

Also, I think we all (America) need an accounting of what data regarding American businesses and political campaigns have been shared with the corporate parents of TCR.

I read not long ago that China had infiltrated our telecom networks. I don’t see how that happens without the participation of TCR and groups like MEF. Not saying they were involved with Volt Typhoon. But I would not be surprised at all.

And that’s my point.

Why do these foreign organizations have so much visibility and access to sensitive American datasets in a format that can be wielded to unfairly compete with American businesses, censor American speech, and perhaps effect the outcome of American elections?

Very very disconcerting.

More people should be talking about this.

Certainly hope the FCC is listening. And I think they are.

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