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TCPAWORLD Pac 12 Edition: READ The Order Reigning in The “Treacherous 7” Entered In Favor of BRAVE Washington State and Oregon State Who Are Trying to Save the Conference
Monday, September 11, 2023

“So the Pac12 is dead, and we have killed it. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us?”

-The honorless University Presidents–or their executive equivalents–of USC, UCLA, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Arizona State, and Utah (the “Treacherous 7”).

At least, I assume that is what they are asking themselves right now. Having brought tremendous shame on the conference and their respective alumni and student bodies by biting every hand that has ever fed them. And for what?

What can be gained, one rightly asks with sincerity, by virtue of their dishonesty here? Nothing virtuous will grow in this poisoned soil.

Catching everyone up:

Some will say –why 7 Czar, why not 8? But upon reflection, I do not fault Colorado here because returning to the Big12. That seems fair, and within the realm of what its student body might have wanted.

But for the Treacherous 7  there can be no forgiveness. They have taken with their pieces of silver the scorn of the betrayed–which includes 90% of their student body and alumni population who are aghast at the decision.

And yes, the Conference of Champions–in its final year– is showing everybody what it is made of on the football field: conference members were 19-0 before they lost there first game this weekend.

And, predictably, suddenly everybody is talking about the powerful Pac12 conference. But I reject this insincere (even if deserved) praise.

It is but the fattening of the pig ahead of the slaughter.

The Pac12 conference has always been ignored by the national media with its insipid bias for the B1G– despite the Pac12’s outstanding performance year in, year out. It has been by far the most competitive conference (top to bottom) in the nation other than the SEC for at least a decade. No on noticed. No one cared.

Now suddenly, with B1G and Big 12 media members are a glow–what a superb conference! they all shout–while salivating over this drumstick or that thigh.


But in the afterglow, is the story of the four schools that tried to stay and make it work. Ultimately Cal and Stanford could not hold on to the bitter end–they were pressured by desperation to seek a tiny reduced share of TV revenue from a conference entirely across the nation.

That might sound ridiculous–and it is–but I do not fault Cal or Stanford here. Their choice was made for them by the Treacherous 7. They could not risk being left without a conference. And in escaping to the ACC–despite the ridiculous cross-country slog all members must now face– they at least join schools of apt quality, both educationally and athletically. In an odd way the ACC was something of a mirror (lesser but only by degree) of the Pac12. So there is a synergy here–a logical and congruence– that I like. Now if the conference merely drops the “A” and adopts the “Coast Conference” as its new moniker, I think we might be getting somewhere.

But to me the real story of bravery, fidelity, and honor belong to two fantastic school– Washington State and Oregon State–who alone are still willing to wear the badge of honor that is the Pac12 shield.

Indeed, these schools have grown tired of the Treacherous 7 and have sought court intervention– AND WON!–to prevent these schools from making any more decisions on behalf of the conference. I absolutely love it!

While this might seem odd or unnecessary, the Treacherous 7 were planning to meet on September 13, 2023 to vote on items critical to the future of the Pac12– and do you think these schools had the Pac12’s best interest in mind?

Oh, heavens no.

And the Hon. Gary Libey agreed. He put a stop to the nonsense today and ordered that no more Pac12 meetings can take place that involve the Treacherous 7–at least not for the time being, on unless everyone agrees.

The good judge determined the Wa. and Or. State schools had a “clear legal and equitable right” to put a stop any further shenanigans and preserve what is left of the dignity of thePac12.

You can read the order here: Pac 12 Order

Obviously I think this is fantastic work by the Cougars and the Beavers–and their intrepid legal teams.  I don’t know what the future–is there one?–of the conference may hold, but putting a stop to the graverobbers who may have stolen every last dime of the Conference’s assets was the first important step of a potential resurrection here. Really nice to see.

I may share a word or two more on this over the coming weeks–not sure if time will permit– but given the enormity of today’s win for the “Bravest 2” I figured I would cast a line or two of praise in their direction.

Well done.

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