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How to Get More 5-Star Reviews for Your Law Firm
Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Are you struggling to earn more reviews for your law firm? Maybe you only have a handful… maybe you have none at all. This can feel discouraging for any law firm. Fortunately, not all hope is lost!

There are many (creative) ways for even the smallest of law firms to drum up more 5-star reviews. Your competitors don’t deserve to get all the action online. It’s time to step up your review game!

Here are some tried and tested ways for small law firms (yes, even you) to generate more 5-star client reviews. 

1. Ask for reviews sooner rather than later

The best time to ask for reviews is right as the partnership is coming to an end, assuming it has been a positive experience! If your client is happy with your work, it’s great to ask for a review before you part ways. 

You can ask your client in person or send them a follow-up email asking them to leave a review on your website, Google Business Profile, or social media pages. 

Here is an example of what to say to ask a client for a review:

“Thank you so much for working with my law firm for your [ type ] case. It has been a pleasure to represent you and land you the results you deserve. If you have enjoyed working with our firm, please consider leaving a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. We would really appreciate it!”

2. Keep it simple

Hopping online to leave a law firm review might not be at the top of your client’s to-do list. To encourage clients to leave positive reviews, make the access and instructions as simple as possible.

Provide your clients with clear instructions on how and where to leave a review. Be sure to include links to your website, directory pages, social media profiles, or wherever you’d like for them to leave a review.

If you are sending a client an email asking for a review, the email might look something like this:

“Dear [Client Name],

We hope this email finds you well. At [Law Firm Name], we always strive to provide exceptional service to our clients. To continue improving our services and better serve our community, we kindly ask for your feedback.

If you could spare a few minutes of your time, we would greatly appreciate it if you could leave us a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp. Your honest opinion will not only help us improve our services but also help other potential clients find us online!

Here are the links to our review pages:

Google: [Insert Google review link here]

Facebook: [Insert Facebook review link here]

Yelp: [Insert Yelp review link here]

Your feedback means a lot to us, and we appreciate your time and consideration in leaving a review.”

3. Publish case studies to your website

If you have any stellar case studies to showcase on your website, this is a great opportunity to ask the client for a related review. 

For example, say you won a huge case for your corporate litigation client. You can write up a case study about what work was done and the result of the case. Then, ask your client to provide a review or quote to add to the case study.

Not only does this give your client a place to brag about your law firm, but you’ll have a well-written case study that could attract more clients to your website. 

Here are a few tips for what to include in a case study:

  • What legal issue arose

  • What steps you took to assist your client

  • A summary of how you won the case

  • How the case was resolved

  • A review from your client

4. Utilize online review sites

There are many types of review sites online that allow you to accumulate reviews from clients. You can claim your law firm’s profile on sites like Lawyers.com, Avvo.com, Yelp, FindLaw.com, NOLO.com, and more. 

Encourage clients to leave reviews on these platforms, as this gives potential clients more places to find you. If a potential client searches for the types of services you offer, these review sites can pop up on Google Search, attracting more business to your firm. 

The top lawyer review sites are:

  1. Avvo

  2. Google Business Profile

  3. Lawyers.com

  4. FindLaw

  5. LegalMatch

  6. Martindale-Hubbell

  7. NOLO

  8. Bing Places for Business

  9. Better Business Bureau (BBB)

5. Create a video

Clients are often encouraged to engage with your law firm if you’re willing to add that personal touch. Video content is a great way to get your face in front of your clients (and ask for more reviews!).

You can create a video talking about your law firm, the services you offer, and the clients you serve. Then, you can feature client testimonials in your video. Ask past clients if they would be willing to participate and add their testimonials to your video.

You can then add your video to your website, upload it to YouTube, and share it on social media. That way, you have a strong marketing asset for your law firms, with testimonials to match. 

Here’s one way to ask clients to contribute testimonials to your video:

“Thanks again for choosing [ Law Firm Name ] to take on your case. We are creating a marketing video for our law firm and would love to feature client testimonials. Are you willing to provide a testimonial – on video or written – for us to add to the video?”

6. Add a Reviews page to your website

Give your 5-star reviews a home on your website! Consider adding a Reviews page, showcasing client testimonials, quotes, and praise.

Of course, you need to collect the testimonials first. So, follow up with clients (in person, via email, or over the phone) asking if they would willing to have their photo and testimonial featured on your website. You’ll be surprised how many say yes.

Having a Review page also builds what’s called “social proof” with potential clients, as testimonials show that past clients can vouch for your work. This may convince potential clients to work with you. 

7. Use email marketing

Besides a simple email follow-up to past clients, ongoing email marketing is a great way to earn more 5-star reviews. 

Send out regular email newsletters, updates, and stories to your clients and subscribers. Include calls-to-action in your emails asking clients to review a review on your review sites. 

Here are a few ways to use email marketing to ask clients for reviews:

  • Prompt subscribers to reply. Ask past clients to respond to your email if they are willing to provide a quick review.

  • Direct people to Google. Include a link to your Google Business Profile and ask them to leave you a review.

  • Add links to review sites. Include links to your usual review sites in the body content and/or footer of your email, like Yelp, Bing, and Lawyers.com

  • Include social media icons. Add social media links to your emails, encouraging clients to add you on LinkedIn or Facebook.

8. Host a client appreciation event

Hosting a client appreciation event can be an effective way to not only show appreciation to your clients but also to earn positive reviews. 

The first step is to plan a memorable event. Consider offering gifts, unique activities, food, and experiences that will make your event stand out.

During the event, you can ask your clients for feedback on the event and their experience with your firm. This can be through surveys or comment cards. Then, after the event, send an email follow-up thanking them for attending the event. This is another chance to ask for a 5-star review. 

5-star reviews help your law firm get noticed online

Having a strong online presence is essential for any law firm looking to stand out from the competition and attract new clients. Don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to asking past clients for reviews, as this can greatly improve your firm's online reputation and increase your visibility.

By earning 5-star reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Avvo, you’re better able to demonstrate your expertise and help potential clients feel more confident in choosing your firm. 

So, be sure to encourage your satisfied clients to leave positive reviews. This can help your law firm shine online and land even more cases.

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