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How the Legal Industry Can Effectively Use Chat GPT in Content Creation Efforts
Wednesday, January 25, 2023

37 seconds. That’s how quickly Chat GPT drafted this sample blog post for me in my YouTube video. I don’t plan on using it but I wanted to see how it worked because I was fascinated (and a little bit frightened) by this new AI tool, and maybe you are too.

On one hand, Chat GPT (and a number of others like it) is a powerful tool that can help content creators streamline their workflow and produce content more efficiently.

On the other hand, the posts it creates lack what I think is the secret ingredient to content success – our own unique stories and experiences – and heart.

I also worry about the implications of using a tool like this for copyright infringement, reliability, validated sourcing issues as well as duplicative copy since others could ask a similar question and get the same results, resulting in both of us posting the same content.

So, what is Chat GPT? It’s an AI-based program used for generating dialogues and content. It provides answers to user questions in a conversational tone. Chat GPT can also:

  • Write code

  • Write an article, blog or social media post

  • Translate content

  • Write a story or poem

Using ChatGPT is fairly simple, all you have to do is ask a question or give it a task after registering with the site, but the more specific you are with your request, the better your results will be. I found asking it for a list of top tips or uncommon strategies gives you more than just a generic response.

There are limitations to what ChatGPT can do – it cannot answer all complex or unique content requests, requiring you to generate or supplement high-quality content.

While Chat GPT can answer many questions, write articles, summarize information, the legal industry should proceed with caution.

Also, if you’re going to use Chat GPT, I recommend using it as an outline or a starting point of a first draft, but be sure to edit it and add your own voice and experiences in order to make the post or whatever it is sound like you.

Here are a few ways lawyers and legal marketers can use Chat GPT in their content marketing efforts.

  • Chat GPT can help you start a blog post. It can research and curate content from various sources. It can quickly give you statistics and data.

  • Chat GPT can write compelling headlines, and other key elements of marketing copy.

  • Chat GPT can help with generating ideas for email campaigns and newsletters to keep your clients and prospects engaged and informed.

  • Chat GPT can write scripts for podcasts and videos.

  • Chat GPT can write SEO-friendly content and meta descriptions for your web site to help impove your seach engine optimization rankings.

  • Chat GPT can write first drafts of captions for your social media posts (note that I would still advise personalizing these).

  • Chat GPT can generate blog post ideas and outlines – the tool can help you come up with new ideas for content as well as ways to effectively structure it.

Remember that it is important to carefully review and edit the content generated by ChatGPT to ensure it aligns with your brand voice and messaging.

What do you think of Chat GPT? Will you use it in your content creation efforts?

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