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5 Tactics to Grow Your Solo Law Practice
by: Raj Jha of Practice Alchemy  -  
Monday, October 15, 2018

As a solo practitioner, it is essential to know exactly how to grow your law firm as you are looking to expand to a larger practice.  Want to grow your law practice in the upcoming year? Here are five key marketing tactics that are sure to help.

The first step in doing so is making sure you set deadlines. Setting deadlines is essential when developing a new marketing plan for your law firm. If you fail to set deadlines, you allow marketing initiatives to be pushed to the bottom of your lengthy to-do list time and time again. On the other hand, if you create an excessive amount of critical or short deadlines that are impossible to achieve, the value of these deadlines greatly diminishes. Setting realistic and timely deadlines for the marketing initiatives you want to achieve will set you up for success in following your law firm marketing plan.

Another key tactic is to improve your law firm branding by creating and deploying content. Providing relevant and helpful content to clients is one of the best ways to establish your firm as an educational authority in your practice area. The key is to establish pain points your potential clients are currently struggling with. Once you have identified these wants or needs, then you can create content focused around answering these questions or resolving these pain points.  Publishing this content on blog forums, LinkedIn, and your website on a consistent basis will establish your firm as a leader on the subject, and potential clients will trust your expertise.

Creating an ideal client persona is another essential tactic for small law firm marketing. Your content creation will be useless if it is not reaching the right prospects. In order to generate the right leads for your law firm, it is important to determine the kind of ideal client you want your law firm to target. Create personas based on clients your firm currently serves in addition to those you think would be the most helped by your firm’s offerings. In doing so, you can better shape your content and marketing efforts to be relevant to your ideal persona’s wants, needs, and motivations.

You can learn more about developing an ideal law client personas here

 A key marketing tool that is often underutilized but should be adopted in order to grow your firm’s clientele is that of analyzing and reporting. All of the content creation, ad placement, and networking you’re doing could effectively go to waste if you are not taking the time to analyze how each respective effort is performing. By establishing a few heavyweight Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to monitor, you will be able to effectively track how well your marketing efforts are actually doing in accordance with expectation.

Marketing your law firm can seem like a full-time job in itself, especially when you own a solo practice. How can you effectively grow your clientele while still maintaining focus on actually practicing law? This is where outsourcing can really be beneficial in marketing your law firm. Rather than hire one expensive in-house marketing professional, by outsourcing you can acquire a whole team of sales and marketing experts to grow your firm on your behalf. Outsourcing is hands down the most cost effective to start implementing the marketing plans you have for your firm. It will also enable you to shift focus away from growing your clientele and back to actually serving clients.

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