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Lead Generation for Lawyers: 6 Simple Tips
Friday, October 8, 2021

Even in a digital world, lead generation for lawyers still relies heavily on word-of-mouth referrals. While the method holds value and will always be welcomed, it shouldn’t be your firm’s bread and butter. There are new and better methods for creating a flow of new business: digital lead generation.

Digital lead generation works behind the scenes, making it a lucrative tool for busy lawyers who don’t want to sacrifice their work while also bringing in new business. Some methods of digital lead generation require a little more planning and effort, but in general, they are low maintenance.

If you’re feeling stretched thin and can’t imagine planning a new lead generation strategy, these six tips will make it easier than you think.

  1. Make sure your firm’s website is fully optimized to convert leads 

In order for a website to receive web traffic that can eventually convert to a lead for your firm, you have to make sure that the website is optimized with proper page layouts. This means looking at the website on both a PC and a mobile phone as if one was a first-time visitor to the page. Take note of anything that would aggravate a visitor and make them click off the website. 

Keep an eye out for these common issues:

  • Load time is too long

  • Improper layout for mobile phones making it hard to read text

  • Screen images or sounds that are annoying

  • Text is too long without any obvious call-to-actions (CTAs)

The goal is for website visitors to stay on the page long enough to get the information they need and easily find a way to make contact. If there is anything standing in the way of this, get the tech team to address it immediately. 

  1. Use dynamic CTAs to increase engagement

Once your firm’s website is fully optimized, there should be several CTAs in place that gives website visitors a place to move forward in their decision process to contact you. These buttons used to be fairly benign and the same for every person that viewed the site. Now, websites are constantly collecting user data that can be used to change this button for every person so that it’s personalized to each visitor. 

Dynamic CTAs can now take into account if a visitor on the website is a first-time visitor, if they’re already a client with the practice, and even where they’re physically located. This information can then be used to personalize the CTA button that they see on their screen leading to much higher conversions. To be exact, HubSpot research shows dynamic CTAs perform on average 202% better than normal CTAs. 

  1. Increase your firm’s email list by offering free downloads

If anyone has ever given their email address in exchange for a free download from a website, they’re proof that this tip is highly effective. Offering a free download, or lead magnet on your website is a surefire way to increase the owner’s email list and start a sales funnel with an individual. Consider offering free downloads such as checklists for wills, eBooks on what to expect during a divorce, or whitepapers with more detailed information. No matter the topic of the content, the download should require an email address to access the information. 

Once the firm receives the person’s email, they’re then able to plug them into a sales funnel that can be automated. The new contact will receive automatic emails prompting further action that could potentially lead to the firm gaining a new client.

  1. Create digital client intake forms

Another effective way to get leads from online traffic is to create and implement a digital client intake form that can be embedded on a website or landing page. These forms are a type of questionnaire that is presented to the client either directly on the website or via email. It allows one to gather information about the lead to understand if the potential client is a good fit for the practice and to make sure that the attorney has all of their contact information.

This tool allows your firm to streamline the intake process and save valuable staff time while quickly and accurately capturing the client’s information.

  1. Host a webinar 

Hosting a webinar is a fairly simple and extremely effective method to bring your firm high-quality leads. First, find a topic that is within your firm’s specialty and relevant to your target audience. Next, create advertising either through social media or paid ads to promote a webinar that’s centered around the chosen topic. 

In order to register for the webinar, the individual should be required to enter their personal information which would then put them into an established workflow.

  1. Retarget warm leads

Oftentimes, someone will visit a website but choose not to fill out a contact form or click on a CTA. The best action to take in circumstances like these is to “retarget” these visitors. This is accomplished through paid display ads that will market to the firm’s target audience that has already visited your website but needs an extra nudge to actually make contact. This is a highly effective way to stay at the forefront of the lead’s mind so that when they are ready to take action, the marketed firm is the first one they think of. 

Lead generation for lawyers can be simple

These six tips are ways that any firm can generate more leads and stop depending on word-of-mouth referrals for new business. However, every firm is unique as is their target audience. While these tips can certainly benefit any law practice, it’s best to personalize your approach to make your clients feel the outreach is genuine.

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