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How to Effectively Integrate New Lateral Hires Using Marketing
Thursday, June 27, 2024

Bringing a new lateral into your law firm is a major investment, and it’s important to get it right for both the new hire and the firm. A solid marketing plan is key to making sure their transition is smooth and successful. Effective marketing helps the new lateral establish their presence, build their network and become a valuable asset to the firm and the industry. This means updating profiles, using social media smartly, connecting with clients and industry contacts, and continuous business development. Here’s a detailed plan with actionable steps to help you get started and ensure your new hire’s success.

Marketing Basics for Your Lateral Hire

  1. Update Bio and Representative Matters List: Ensure the new lateral’s bio is updated with their latest achievements and experience. Create or update the representative matters list to highlight their most significant cases and accomplishments.
  2. Revise Practice Area Description: Tailor the relevant practice area description to include relevant experience and skills the new lateral brings to the team.
  3. Client Announcement: Craft a client announcement to inform existing clients about the new addition and their expertise.
  4. Add Contacts to Mailing List: Integrate the new lateral’s contacts into the firm’s mailing list to keep them informed about firm news and updates.
  5. Press Release: Distribute a press release announcing the new lateral’s arrival, highlighting their background and the value they bring to the firm.
  6. Media Inquiries: Identify and prepare topics for media inquiries to position the new lateral as a thought leader in their field.
  7. Alumni Organizations: Encourage involvement in alumni organizations from past firms and educational institutions to expand networking opportunities.

Development of an Social Media Strategy for Your Lateral Hire

  1. LinkedIn Profile Audit: Conduct a thorough audit of the new lateral’s LinkedIn profile to ensure it is professional, complete and engaging.
  2. LinkedIn Connections Strategy: Develop a strategy to connect with key individuals, including past colleagues, clients and industry professionals.
  3. LinkedIn Visibility Plan: Create a plan to increase the new lateral’s visibility on LinkedIn through regular posts, articles and engagement with industry groups.

Business Development Essentials for Your Lateral Hire

  1. Create a Business/Marketing Plan: Develop a detailed business/marketing plan tailored to the new lateral’s goals and objectives (template attached).
  2. Target List Development: Create a target list of individuals to connect with, including firm colleagues, past and present clients, alumni, personal connections, industry contacts, referrals, and mentors/aspirational connections.
  3. Strategy for Connecting: Develop a personalized strategy for connecting with each individual on the target list, focusing on relationship-building and mutual benefits.

The Importance of Creating a Personal Business Development/Marketing Plan with Ongoing Coaching

  1. Business Development/Marketing Plan Creation: Work with the new lateral to create a comprehensive business development/marketing plan.
  2. Relationship Building and Cross-Selling: Foster relationships with practice leaders and key partners to identify cross-selling opportunities.
  3. Marketing Roadshow: Organize a virtual or in-person marketing roadshow with firm practice groups to introduce the new lateral and their expertise.
  4. Internal One-Sheet: Prepare and circulate an internal one-sheet that describes the new lateral’s practice and clients to the entire firm.
  5. Writing and Publishing: Assist the new lateral in writing client alerts, publishing articles, securing media placements and obtaining and speaking engagements to enhance their visibility.
  6. Awards and Leadership Positions: Identify relevant awards and leadership positions within the industry and encourage the new lateral to apply or get involved.
  7. Competitor Analysis: Create a list of competitors and track their marketing activities to stay informed about industry trends and opportunities.

Actionable Takeaways to Ensure the Success of Your Lateral Hire

  • Update all profiles and documents: Ensure they reflect the new lateral’s latest information and achievements.
  • Leverage social media: Use LinkedIn to increase visibility and connect with key industry contacts.
  • Develop a detailed business development and marketing plan: This plan will help to guide their ongoing business development efforts and help benchmark progress.
  • Foster strong internal relationships: Identify cross-selling opportunities and integrate the new lateral into the firm’s culture.
  • Utilize content marketing: Write articles, client alerts and secure media placements to establish thought leadership and visibility with important audiences.
  • Stay informed about competitors: Keep up with industry trends to remain competitive and proactive.

By following this detailed marketing plan, you can ensure a successful integration of the new lateral into your firm, enhance their visibility, and drive business growth. Effective marketing is essential for leveraging the strengths of the new hire and positioning them as a valuable addition to your team.

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