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Gifts for Lawyers and Colleagues They’ll Actually Use
Monday, November 21, 2022

It’s hard to believe that the holidays are right around the corner. While you’re making your gift shopping list for your family and friends, you’re probably also pondering what to get co-workers at your firm or other legal colleagues. We spend about a third of our lives with our co-workers and colleagues, so it’s natural for us to want to show our appreciation during this time of year.

If choosing a gift for a lawyer or legal professional in your life have you scratching your head — we’ve taken the guesswork out of gift-giving and compiled the best gifts for lawyers.

Productivity Gifts for Lawyers

Noise-Canceling Headphones

Lawyers often struggle with time management, which can be much worse with the distractions at a busy firm. Noise-canceling headphones are a simple but effective solution for better concentration, which any lawyer would be sure to love.

Voice-Controlled Devices

Voice-controlled devices are a big help for productivity. Lawyers can get things done quickly with commands to make calls, send a text, respond to an email, and more. These devices are perfectly at home with sleek law firm décor as well, so they’re an excellent gift for any colleague at your law firm.

Meal Delivery Service

Who has time to cook anymore? After a long day of managing cases and client meetings — the last thing your colleagues probably want to do is cook. A meal delivery service is great for those who are always running and rarely have time for a relaxing, home-cooked meal after a long day. These services include pre-portioned ingredients and detailed recipes to make cooking simple and fun, even for beginners. And with a range of recipes and cuisine options, there’s something for everyone.

Professional Development Gifts for Lawyers

Digital Courses

Lawyers work hard at their continuing education long after finishing law school. There are numerous options for lawyers looking for more enrichment, including webinars and digital courses that enhance specific skill sets like communication, productivity, or computer proficiency. Help your lawyer gain desired skills with a gift of learning.

Legal technology guides are a helpful tool for lawyers to implement leading tech solutions to streamline their practices. Ann Walsh Long wrote the ultimate book on the topic, A Short & Happy Guide to Advanced Legal Research, which covers legal research skills and available technology for lawyers to modernize their practice.


Journaling is an important hobby for self-reflect and improves professional performance and communication. When gifting a journal to a lawyer or legal professional, you can choose between a guided journal like The School of Life’s Who Am I? journal, which has psychological exercises for self-awareness and reflection, or a professional leather-bound journal. Make it more personal with engraving.

Stress Management Gifts for Lawyers

Massage Therapy

Self-care is vital for busy lawyers to avoid burnout and stay motivated. Fitting relaxation practices into those schedules is a different challenge altogether, but you can help with a gift of massage therapy at a nearby spa or treatment center. Check out the local options and give your colleague the gift of some much-deserved relaxation.

Virtual Exercise Classes

If sticking to a gym routine at a local club is too much, you can still encourage your lawyer to prioritize self-care with virtual exercise classes. From the comfort of their own home, they can try dance fitness, resistance band training, yoga, pilates, and more to promote better health and work-life balance.

Coffee and Espresso Machine

No more stale coffee! Give the gift of a steaming cup of coffee or a shot of espresso with a single-serve coffee maker. Some models offer a range of brewing options, including fancy concoctions like cappuccinos and macchiatos, all from home.

Fun Gifts for Lawyers

The New Yorker Book of Lawyer Cartoons

No one loves a good lawyer joke more than a lawyer. If you want a fun gift this holiday season, the New Yorker magazine offers a book collection of all the best lawyer and legal-themed cartoons in its history.

Law School in a Box

Why waste all that money on education when you can fit the whole of legal studies into a tiny box? Not really, but the Law School in a Box gag gift that’s sure to give a good laugh across the firm. The box has funny recaps of law school learning on note cards, bar exam trivia challenges, courtroom trading cards, and the comprehensive textbook, Law School in 96 Pages.

Gifts for Law Students

Book Stand

Losing a page in a textbook can seem like a small inconvenience, but all those little things add up when you’re a busy law student. Worse still, holding up a heavy textbook or craning your neck to look down isn’t good. The simple and affordable solution is a book stand that can hold up papers and books. Choose a lightweight, portable option so your law student can take it to class, home, and anywhere else.

Travel Mug

Having a warm beverage for class or study sessions is a lifesaver for a law student. But running around campus with that same beverage? Disaster waiting to happen. Insulated and reusable travel mugs are not only helpful for students on the go, but they’re better for the environment.

Gym Membership

Law school is an incredibly time-consuming experience, leaving little time for leisure or hobbies. But that’s all the more reason law students should stick to a regular exercise routine — which is much easier with a local gym membership. Explore the options for local gyms and fitness clubs near the student’s home or school.


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