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Best Matter Management Software for Lawyers
Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Lawyers need a lot more than just legal skills to succeed. One of the most important is organization – a skill that’s often lost in the shuffle of a chaotic firm.

Legal matter management systems enable law firms to store documents in one centralized location, organize them, and access them from anywhere with an internet connection. Find out more about legal matter management, why it’s a must for your firm, and how to choose the right solution for your needs.

A legal matter management system is a software or web-based application designed to streamline workflows and improve productivity. These systems have features to optimize processes like case research, legal calendaring, document management, legal billing, and communication.

Legal matter management software is an excellent tool for your law firm to stay organized and productive. Here are the benefits of legal matter management software:

Streamlining Case and Matter Management

Legal matter management helps your law firm streamline and centralize the case and matter management processes within a comprehensive platform. All the information you need is in one place, including case details, court dates, deadlines, and client communications.

Improving Collaboration and Communication

Collaboration and communication are essential in a law firm – especially a big firm. Legal matter management software facilitates collaboration between staff members and creates a single source of truth for lawyers, paralegals, and other support staff.

Enhancing Document and Information Management

Law firms manage a high volume of documents for clients. Legal matter management software stores, organizes, and retrieves documents easily, eliminating the need for manual paperwork and reducing the risk of losing important documents. There are also features for document sharing, version control, and automation for full control over your processes.

Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

Legal matter management software automates administrative tasks and repetitive processes to free time for lawyers and support staff to focus on higher-value activities. By automating tasks like document generation, calendaring, time tracking, and billing, the software increases the efficiency and productivity within your firm for improved profitability.

Ensuring Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance is an important aspect of the legal industry. Legal matter management software includes features that help your law firm maintain compliance and mitigate risks. When compliance is built right in, you can protect your firm’s reputation.

Enhancing Client Satisfaction and Service Delivery

A big part of a positive client experience is timely and effective legal services. Legal matter management software allows your law firm to provide a higher level of client satisfaction by improving service delivery. With efficient communication channels and quick access to case updates and documents, you can give your clients the responsiveness they’re looking for.

Wondering if legal matter management is a good fit for your firm? Here’s why it’s essential to your operations:

Improved Organization and Case Tracking

Your law firm probably juggles multiple cases at any given time, making it difficult to manage case details and deadlines. Legal matter management software keeps all the important information in one centralized platform to organize your time, track case progress, and streamline communication.

Enhanced Time and Task Management

Time management is a crucial part of the legal industry – but one that many lawyers struggle with. Legal matter management software gives you the tools to allocate and track time on different tasks and activities, set deadlines and reminders, and prioritize your to-do list effectively.

Efficient Document and Record Management

Legal cases involve a lot of documents, including court filings, pleadings, contracts, and more. Your legal matter management software gives you a range of document management features to store, organize, and retrieve documents when you need them. And with cloud capabilities, you have access to the information you need from anywhere on any device.

Streamlined Billing and Financial Management

Accurate and efficient billing is not only important for your reputation and financial health – it’s an ethical obligation. Software tools help you simplify your billing processes with automated time tracking, invoicing, and expense management. You can create invoice templates, generate invoices based on billable hours or alternative fee agreements, customize your billing process, and more for a professional process that gets you paid faster and instills trust in clients.

Effective Team Collaboration and Communication

Communication and collaboration are key among your firm’s attorneys and legal support staff. Legal matter management promotes collaboration with a platform to store documents, updates, and case-related information.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Legal matter management software offers robust reporting and analytics capabilities. You can generate reports like financial reports and case status reports, evaluate your operations, and make better decisions based on cold, hard facts.

With so many options, how do you choose the right software for your needs? Here are some things to consider:

Specific Requirements and Goals

Legal matter management systems are helpful to law firms, but they may not be appropriate for all firms. Think about your goals and requirements to determine if legal matter management is right for you, and if so, what you are looking to gain from it.

Software Features and Functionality

Legal matter management systems can be bare bones or packed with features. Some of those features are overkill for your law firm, however, while others are a must. Consider what features you need most and use those to start your search.

Scalability and Integration

As your firm grows, you want technology that can grow with you. Consider software platforms that are scalable and offer not just what you need right now but what you’ll need in the future. Consider platforms with built-in integration as well, such as integration with Box, Google, and Microsoft, so you don’t have to rip and replace your current stack.

User-Friendliness and Ease of Adoption

The best software on the market is useless if it’s too frustrating or complicated to use. pay attention to the user-friendliness and ease of adoption for your short list, as this can make all the difference in getting your team on board and maximizing your investment.

Vendor Reputation and Customer Support

Your legal matter management will become a staple in your firm, so what happens when there’s a problem? Vendor reputation and customer support are just as important as the software itself. When things go wrong, you want a vendor who’s there to get your firm up and running.

Demos and Trials

Once you have a short list of technology options, it’s time to evaluate them in the real world with demos and trials. Pay attention to the usability and features of each one, since they’ll be the platform you use day in and day out.

Cost and Return on Investment (ROI)

Legal technology platforms have a range of prices and subscription models with different features. Consider your budget and the features that you need most to ensure that you’re getting the maximum return on your technology investment.

Not all legal matter management software platforms are created equal. Here are some of the most important features to look for when choosing your technology:

  • Case and matter tracking: Arguably the most important feature, your software should have the capabilities to track case details and deadlines, documents, contacts, and other information.

  • Document and information management: Document management is essential to an organized law firm. You should have features like document storage, custom tags, version control, search filters, and document templates.

  • Calendar and task management: Robust calendar and task management is key for scheduling and time management with calendars, scheduling, reminders, and staff assignments to avoid missed work.

  • Time and expense tracking: Time and expense tracking manages the money flowing in and out of your firm. Look for features like automated timekeeping, custom billing rates, and expense tracking for internal costs.

  • Billing and invoicing capabilities: Automated billing and invoicing takes the billable hours and converts them into professional branded invoices for your clients. Look for features like automated invoice generation, invoice tracking, and integration with a native payment portal.

  • Collaboration and communication tools: Collaboration and communication tools keep your staff on the same page and enable teamwork with features like secure messaging, task assignments, and document sharing with real-time collaboration.

  • Reporting and analytics: Detailed reporting and analytics help you track everything that’s happening in your firm, including billable hours, case statuses, and overall financial reporting.

  • Integration with other systems: Integration with email platforms, accounting software, and legal research tools eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and ensures a seamless flow of information between systems.

  • Security and access controls: with sensitive and confidential information, security is key for your software. Look for systems with robust security protocols and industry-specific features, including access control and multi-factor authentication.

Legal matter management software is indispensable for law firms because of its features to streamline processes, enhance time and task management, simplify billing, and enhance document management and access. With these capabilities, you can enjoy a more profitable and productive firm that elevates the client experience for ongoing success.

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