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12 Days of CRM: Day 6 – Six Ways to Use Email Marketing Tools with Artificial Intelligence [VIDEO]

12 Days of CRM: Day 6 – Six Ways to Use Email Marketing Tools with Artificial Intelligence [VIDEO]
Friday, December 15, 2023

On the sixth day of CRM, Chris Kringle Fritsch gave to me six ways to increase eMarkeing success using artificial intelligence.

In today’s digital age,  many law firms are utilizing email marketing to connect with their target audience and drive business development goals. However, navigating the complexities of email marketing can be a difficult and daunting task, with challenges ranging from low open rates, sending to disengaged recipients, to even being blacklisted.

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way law firms and other organizations approach email marketing helping them break through crowded inboxes and better cater to their audience’s preferences. AI has the power to optimize almost every aspect of an email marketing campaign, from subject line optimization to prioritizing which contacts to whom you should send your communications

So, what are some ways firms can leverage the power of AI to catapult their email marketing success?

Learn more in this video featuring Chris:

Timing Optimization

When it comes to email marketing, timing is everything, and AI can be your secret weapon when it comes to sending emails at the most optimal time. AI algorithms can analyze past historical data and user behavior to determine when your recipients are most likely to engage with your emails and avoid sending at times when recipients are overwhelmed with inbox clutter.

Law firms can enhance the impact of their email marketing efforts, increase open and engagement rates, and ultimately achieve better results in reaching and connecting with their target audience by optimizing the time at which their communications are sent.

Subject Line Optimization

Subject lines can be one of the most difficult things to come up with when it comes to email marketing. It is the first thing your recipient sees when they receive your email, and if it doesn’t resonate with them, it will be forgotten and lost amongst the inbox clutter. Firms can leverage AI to help create compelling and attention-grabbing subject lines that could increase the chances of recipients opening their emails.

Artificial intelligence can help identify keywords and phrases, and personalize elements that resonate with specific segments of your target audience. This can help law firms craft subject lines that are more relevant and compelling, helping increase open rates which are generally correlated with subject line effectiveness.

Dynamic Content Optimization

Creating content for law firms has often been challenging due to a variety of factors, including complex rhetoric, and the difficulty of conveying legal concepts to a wider audience. But law firms can now create highly relevant content using artificial intelligence that is easily understandable to anyone. Whether it’s showcasing relevant case studies, highlighting personalized legal services or offering legal advice, dynamic content optimization powered by artificial intelligence can help law firms increase recipient engagement, drive conversions and build stronger relationships with their clients.

By analyzing recipient data and preferences, AI algorithms generate personalized email content, including tailored offers, recommendations, and messages. This customization ensures that each recipient receives content that aligns with their interests and needs in an easily understandable way, which can increase conversion rates, click-through rates and overall campaign effectiveness.


Law firms’ client lists are often very extensive and can include a wide range of individuals, including clients, prospects, alumni and even competitors. Coupled with the dynamic nature of relationships in the legal industry, effectively segmenting clients into lists presents big challenges for firms. However, firms can use AI-powered algorithms to segment contacts into distinct groups based on various criteria, including demographics, client types, industry or even engagement levels.

These algorithms can analyze vast amounts of data to identify patterns and characteristics within their database, helping law firms identify subsects they can target through creating effective email campaigns. This level of segmentation ensures that recipients receive content that is most likely to resonate with them, improving engagement and open and click rates.

Lead Scoring

Unlike some industries, legal services are highly specialized and require a deep understanding of the specific needs and requirements of prospective clients. Lead scoring, in the legal context, calls for evaluating various factors such as the type of legal matter, the potential client’s industry or sector, the size and scope of the matter and the likelihood of success. Given the extraordinary power of artificial intelligence, it’s no wonder firms can use it to create and implement lead-scoring methodologies combined with current infrastructure to identify the most promising business development opportunities to pursue.

By leveraging AI-powered lead scoring, law firms can focus their efforts and resources on high-scoring leads, saving time and effort while providing more accurate and data-driven insights. This allows firms to nurture relationships strategically with tailored follow-up messages that prioritize engagement with leads who demonstrate a higher level of interest and engagement.

A/B Testing

In an increasingly competitive landscape, firms are continuously trying to reach and engage new and existing clients through various channels. While email marketing has become one of the most common ways to communicate, many firms lack the resources and budget needed to enhance this area on a regular basis. To maximize the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns, firms can harness the power of A/B testing combined with the capabilities of AI.

A/B testing, also known as split testing, is a method used to compare two versions of a webpage, email or other marketing asset to determine which one performs better. In this process, the audience is randomly divided into two groups: one group is shown version A (the control) and the other group sees version B (the variation). The performance of each version is then measured and analyzed based on specific metrics such as click-through rates, conversion rates or engagement levels. The results help in identifying the more effective version for achieving the desired objective, providing valuable insights for optimization and decision-making in marketing strategies.

AI-powered A/B testing can help firms  gain a deeper understanding of their audience preferences and optimize various email components. This iterative approach empowers law firms to make data-driven decisions, continually improve their email campaigns, and maximize engagement and conversions.

Law firms can utilize AI-powered A/B testing in several ways:

  1. Email Campaign Optimization: Test different email subject lines, content layouts or call-to-action phrases to see which yields higher open and response rates.
  2. Website Conversion Improvement: Experiment with varying layouts, imagery or content on the firm’s website to identify what drives more client inquiries or contact form submissions.
  3. Client Newsletter Customization: Test different formats or content types in newsletters to increase reader engagement and information retention.
  4. Service Promotion Strategies: Evaluate varying promotional messages for legal services to see which resonates more with potential clients.
  5. User Experience on Digital Platforms: Use A/B testing to refine the user interface of online client portals or apps for better usability and client satisfaction.

By leveraging AI in these ways, law firms can gain valuable insights into client preferences and improve their marketing and client interaction strategies.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing AI becomes not just a competitive advantage, but a necessity for law firms seeking to stay ahead in a highly competitive industry. The integration of AI and email marketing systems has emerged as a transformative force for law firms, offering unprecedented opportunities to overcome common email marketing challenges and achieve successful outcomes.

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