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Tracker Corp is the leading solution provider for I-9, E-Verify, and immigration compliance.

The problem: Compliance creates overhead and risk

Processes that are legally-mandated and time-sensitive cause a great deal of disruption, overhead and risk for businesses. The more frequently they occur, the higher the cost.

If you work for a hiring organization, you know that complying with I-9 and E-Verify requirements is an extreme challenge, especially if your organization has high-volume hiring with distributed operations. Before Tracker, you were faced with choosing between two unacceptable options: low compliance, or high labor costs to achieve compliance. Likewise, you were faced with the choice between living with the high risk of legacy I-9 records, or the slow and expensive process of correcting them by hand with specialized labor.

If you work for an immigration law firm, you know that complying with immigration requirements creates a similar bind. You have to devote a great deal of expensive legal professional time simply to shepherd immigration processes forward. This creates an opportunity cost as these highly skilled resources could instead be helping you serve more clients and expand your caseload.

Our mission: Take the labor out of compliance

Our mission is to solve the significant challenges that I-9, E-Verify and immigration compliance create for hiring organizations and law firms.

For organizations with high-volume hiring

Tracker I-9 Complete transforms hiring compliance into a highly efficient and reliable operation for the enterprise. It eliminates over 90 minutes of labor per hire - reducing resources by more than 85% - while delivering full compliance and complete visibility for HR. I-9 Complete is serving organizations with hundreds of thousands of annual hires and thousands of locations, including some of the nation's largest retailers, fast casual restaurant chains, grocers, and staffing companies.

Tracker I-9 Resolve gives organizations a fast and easy way to remediate their legacy I-9s and eliminate tens of millions of dollars in potential liability using manager self-service. With I-9 Resolve an organization with 1,000 managers can cleanse over 100,000 records with about an hour of effort from each manager. I-9 Resolve has been used by individual customers to cleanse as many as 500,000 historical I-9s.

Companies that rely on Tracker for complete compliance without the labor include The Kroger Co., Limited Brands, Smart & Final, & Schneider National.

For immigration law firms

Our immigration case management product, ImmigrationTracker, automates every phase of casework and allows immigration law firms to realize higher efficiencies immediately. It streamlines data collection, forms processing, client communications and more. Using its customizable workflows and rich pre-built content, immigration teams - including attorneys, support staff and clients - track and manage cases effortlessly. ImmigrationTracker is used as a strategic asset and service differentiator by the nation's top immigration law firms.




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