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Neville Career Consulting provides services to attorneys who are interested in making a career move--whether within the practice of law or shifting to another field. We help clients to not only identify the full range of their options and assess the degree to which potential opportunities would prove to be a good fit, but also to develop concrete strategies to move from Point A to Point B.

We work with clients at all levels of experience who are interested in investigating their career options, ranging from individuals who are seeking a different work environment to those who question whether getting a law degree or other advanced training was the right decision. To clarify, we are not headhunters, though we can advise individuals on placement professionals to consult when appropriate.

Neville Career Consulting can help you develop a plan to advance your interests in both the short and longer term and anticipate the impact of your decisions. We provide knowledgeable and objective guidance without competing interests that allows you to make strategic and informed decisions about your career.

To be successful in management and leadership roles requires a different set of skills than excelling as an individual.

Across industries, high-performers are promoted into management and leadership roles based on their work in previous positions. Succeeding as a manager and executive, however, requires a different skill set. Some have it, but many don’t. Developing the capacity of high-performers to address increasingly complex issues is critical to an organization’s bottom line and ability to achieve organizational goals. The good news is that these are learned skills.

When frustrated with management issues, high-performers often start looking to leave. Since management issues aren’t limited to any particular organization or industry, changing jobs–or even fields– doesn’t necessarily resolve the frustration. Developing the ability to navigate such issues is also a learned skill.

At the same time, most working professionals have many years in the workforce ahead of them, and staying in a position or work environment that isn’t a good fit can sap the potential from anyone. Making a smart career move and creating a path forward similarly require a different skill set than being a high-performer on the job. We can help.

Founder and President
Kate Neville, Esq., a Harvard Law graduate, is founder of Neville Career Consulting, LLC, which provides guidance to attorneys considering a job change or career transition, whether within…
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