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Law Firm CultureShift

The experts at Law Firm CultureShift® help law firm leaders ingrain a culture of business development deeply into their firms. Our mission is to act as catalysts to instill new habits that attract, retain and grow great work from great clients. Through the coordinated implementation of leadership and rainmaking training and coaching, retreats, accelerated cross-selling, strategic planning, client teams and client service programs, we help firms build customized blueprints for self-sustaining change.

  • Working in collaboration with in-house teams and other outside experts as needed, we have helped firm achieve:

  • Greater cross-selling

  • Enhanced rainmaking skills and activity from their lawyers

  • Higher levels of client service

  • Highly effective client teams

  • Improved “sales management” skills in group leaders

  • Collaborative, team-based planning and a commitment to implementation

  • Greater efficiency, profitability and client loyalty

Using our proprietary CultureShift® approach, we analyze your firm to identify key drivers of long-term change. We uncover obstacles that block higher performance, develop plans for removing those obstacles, help drive implementation in these “Key Accelerators” of success, and develop approaches to lock in the new behaviors.

Our phased and integrated approach will give you a step-by-step, month-by-month action plan for unleashing, focusing and sustaining a higher level of rainmaking activity. Firm members will know exactly what is expected of them, and initiatives will be strategically rolled out to build a solid foundation to support ongoing transformation. Using our proven methods, we can help you:

  • Remove dysfunctional organizational habits

  • Change behaviors

  • Improve systems

  • Enhance skills

  • Increase teamwork and collaboration

  • Employ supportive technology

  • Align incentives

  • Inspire greater lawyer engagement and action

Senior Consultant
For 25 years, Blain Banick has blended his business acumen as an MBA with deep expertise in marketing and business development to help firms run more efficiently and profitably.
A respected…
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David H. Freeman, J.D., a former practicing lawyer, is the award-winning CEO of the David Freeman Consulting Group and founder of Law Firm CultureShift®. He is a best-selling author,…
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