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FVLD, now in its 37th  year, provides comprehensive and personalized legal services to clients ranging from local entrepreneurs to globalized entities worth billions of dollars. FVLD attorneys strive to deliver superior accessibility, vision, and expertise, with a core group that has collaborated together for three and a half decades, pooling expertise to better foresee, and flexibly to address the entire spectrum of challenges our clients face across the globe. Our talents are best employed where traditional or piecemeal legal approaches might prove ineffective, or even counterproductive, in achieving your vision.

Find FVLD lawyers occupied with

  • News media in Chicago
  • Wind farms in Brazil
  • Coca-Cola bottlers throughout the nation
  • Defamation litigation in Los Angeles
  • Film deals in Cannes
  • Trading operations in the U.S., Europe and the Caribbean
  • Craft brewers in the Midwest, on the West Coast and in Florida.
  • Hi-tech manufacturing in Pennsylvania
  • Patent litigation in U.S. federal courts and the U.S. International Trade Commission
  • Real Estate projects in California, Nevada, Utah, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan
  • U.S. Open in New York City
  • Health care treatment centers nationwide

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the unique challenges each client faces in charting a path to achieve its entrepreneurial vision. Accordingly, rather than view your situation as a matter of narrowly specialized legal rules and heavily structured procedures, we rely on a practical, business-oriented perspective in approaching your problems and opportunities.

Our attorneys develop their expertise in several areas rather than focus on a single “specialty.” Consequently, each of our lawyers has greater flexibility and wider expertise than do their counterparts in departmentalized mega firms and “boutique” law firms. You need not deal with an endless variety of “specialists,” none of whom grasp the full picture of your business.

Damon is ranked as a “Leading Lawyer” in Advertising and Media Law, Civil Appellate Law, Civil Rights/Constitutional Law, Commercial Litigation and ADR by Leading Lawyers Network and has an…
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Seth has successfully litigated numerous First Amendment, employment, and commercial disputes for clients in the media, financial services and healthcare industries, among others.
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