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Buckfire Law Firm® was founded in Detroit in 1969 by David Buckfire (1934-2012). He worked full-time as a writer for The Detroit News and attended night school for five years before graduating from The Wayne State University School of Law. This was no easy accomplishment because he had his wife, Vicky Buckfire, and three small children at home. He would work a full day at the newspaper, come home for a quick TV dinner with the family, and then head back downtown to school. After his law school graduation, he set up a law practice based upon the principal of representing injured clients with compassion, professionalism, and perfectionism.

Vicky Buckfire was a successful high school teacher at Oak Park High School and then taught economics classes at Oakland County Community College. In 1976, she decided to enroll at the Detroit College of Law. For the next three years, she managed a household, attended all of of her children’s school events and activities, and pursued her legal education. She would literally study her books on the sidelines during little league games and then take the team out for ice cream afterwards. Vicky joined David in the law practice after successfully completing her bar exam. They praticed together for over twenty-five years.

David and Vicky Buckfire built a successful law practice together, Buckfire & Buckfire, P.C. The firm earned a reputation for providing skillful legal services with the highest degree of integrity. They represented clients in personal injury, accident, and worker’s compensation cases. Their sons, Lawrence Buckfire and Daniel Buckfire, joined the law firm after their own law school graduations.

The parents taught their sons the importance of paying attention to every small detail in a case and why hard work and perserverance was the only way to achieve successful results. Their insight, advice, and wisdom laid the groundwork for even greater things. The law firm has flourished and continued its repuation for excellence. The four of them worked together every day for more than fifteen years. Several other very talented attorneys have been added to the law firm since the parents retired.

President and Attorney
Lawrence J. Buckfire (Larry Buckfire) earned his undergraduate degree in economics from the University of Michigan in 1986 and his juris doctor degree from Wayne State University School of…
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