The National Law Review includes legal News from Malta or impacting foreign businesses who do business with the Maltese companies or government including EU developments impacting Malta and law concerns.   Some Maltese legal issues coved by the National Law  Review include cross-border Maltese Pension plans, domestic and cross-border tax issues, Maltese banking regulations and insurance companies setting up EU subsidiaries in Malta

The Maltese legal system is known as a mixed legal system a combination of Roman Legal Traditions and British law. Roman law was codified in Malta under the 1784 Code de Rohan and the 1697 maritime code of the Consolato del Mare.  After 1800 when the British exerted control over the island, the English introduced principles such as trial by jury,  rules of evidence and  set up the organization of the Maltese court system.

Malta gained independence from the Brittish in 1964, and the Maltese legal system was expanded by laws passed by the Maltese parliament.  On March 8, 2003, a referendum on European Union membership was held in Malta and a narrow majority approved and on May 1, 2004, Malta joined the EU. Maltese law now includes the tenants of the European Union Treaty.  Malta adopted the Euro and became a Euro area member on January 1, 2008, and Malta became a  Schengen area member on December 21, 2007.


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