Saskatchewan, Canada, is a boreal province and prairie, located in Western Canada.  it is the only Canadian province which doesn’t have natural borders surrounding it. Of its land area, nearly 10% of the 652,000 sq km is comprised of freshwater, including reservoirs, rivers, and the province’s 100,000 lakes. As of 2017, the province had approximately 1.65 million residents living in the area, nearly half of this population living in the largest city of Saskatoon, or in the provincial capital city of Regina.

The province has been inhabited for thousands of years by indigenous groups, and was first explored in 1690 by the Europeans and settled in 1774. It was carved out of the Northwest Territories in 1905, to become an independent province.

Saskatchewan, Canada, like other Canadian provinces, consists of a legislature governed by the Westminster system, the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan; and a cabinet drawn from the unicameral legislature.  Additionally, the Crown is represented by the Lieutenant Governor.  A non-political staff of civil employees are tasked with ensuring government services are delivered to citizens. Additionally, the lieutenant governor serves as the Queen’s representative in the province.

The economy of Saskatchewan was primarily agricultural-based. Forestry, fishing, hunting, are also newly diversified areas of economic power in the region. Mining is also a major industry in the province, as Saskatchewan is the world’s largest potash and uranium exporter. The oil and natural gas industries also contribute to the diversified-economy which the province is known for today.

The tourism industry is also a prominent contributor to the local economy. National Parks like Grasslands National Park, Prince Albert National Park, Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park, and Candle Lake Beach, are among the many frequented protected areas in the province. The Forestry Farm Park and Zoo and Wascana Centre, are also local attractions which draw a large number of visitors to the sites annually.

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