Officially known as the Republic of Bulgaria, the southeastern European country is bordered by Romania, Serbia, Greece, and Turkey. Prehistoric cultures began developments during the  Neolithic period on present-day Bulgaria. Greek cultures, the Huns, Romans, Goths, Celts, and other cultures developed civilizations on Bulgarian land throughout its early history.

In 1946 Bulgaria became a one-party socialist country which was led by the Eastern Bloc. The ruling Communist Party in 1896 allowed for multi-party elections, eventually leading to the country’s present-day Democracy and market-based economy.

Today Bulgaria is a parliamentary-republic country maintaining a degree of administrative, political, and economic centralization of its government/inhabitants. In terms of international affairs, the country is a member of NATO, the European Union, OSCE, and the Council of Europe. The country’s population is just over 7 million, making it the 102nd largest population worldwide. Sofia is the largest and the capital city of the country, and is also where most cultural and commercial activities take place in the country.

The country’s legal system is similar to other civil legal systems around the world. The Ministry of Justice oversees the Judiciary, with the Supreme Administrative Court and the Supreme Court of Cassation being the highest court systems in the country. The  Ministry of the Interior carries out law enforcement authorities in the country.

The country’s economy is considered an open-market economy, with an upper middle income range. Private sectors account for over 80% of the country’s overall GDP. The country was predominantly agricultural-based however today it is a highly industrial economy driven by scientific and technology research. Chemical extraction, mining, machinery, manufacturing, and energy sectors are also contributing industries to the country’s economic development. Bulgaria has also emerged as a top tourist destination in recent years because of affordable hotels and its magnificent stretches of beaches, among other popular tourist attractions.

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