Officially known as the Republic of Azerbaijan, the country is located in the South Caucasus Region of the Eurasia. Bound by the Caspian Sea, Russia, Georgia, Armenia, and Iran, the country is a Democratic Republic which claimed its independence in 1918. It became the first Democratic state in the Muslim-oriented world. It was originally claimed as part of the Soviet Union in 1920, and became independent prior to the dissolution of the USSR, which occurred in December 1919.

The country of Azerbaijan follows a unitary semi-presidential republic form of government rule. It is a member state of OSCE, the Council of Europe, and the TURKSOY community. The country holds memberships in 38 international organizations and maintains foreign relations with 158 countries worldwide. It has been a member of the United Nations since 1992 and is a member of the Non-Allied Movement, while holding observer status with the WTO.

With a population of nearly 10 million residents, it is the 91st largest country in the world. The country of Azerbaijan is also home to vast landscapes. More than half the country’s land consists of mountain ridges, crests, and plateaus, which rise nearly to 1000 meters in height. The remaining portion of the country consists of lowlands. The country also experiences 9 of the 11 existing climate zones.

The new Constitution which went into effect on November 12, 1995, gives rise to separation of powers being the main form of government control in the country. The President is elected and holds Executive power in the country, who holds office for a period of 7 years, and is voted in general elections and by the Prime Minister. The Judicial power is vested in the Supreme Court and Economic Court under the Constitution, with the President electing the judges who sit in the court system.

After it gained independence in 1918, Azerbaijan became a member of the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, Islamic Development Bank,  European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and Asian Development Bank. With a nominal GDP of just under $69 Billion (2018), the country’s major areas of economic growth and stability include agriculture, manufacturing, and services-industry (including banking and financial sectors). Telecommunications and tourism also attribute to the country’s growing economy.

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