How Law Firms Can Build a Stronger Internal Culture

It’s been an unprecedented few years for law firms. A global pandemic. Shifting to a hybrid remote environment. The Great Resignation. Quiet quitting. Five generations in the workforce. The rise of AI tools. A focus on mental health.

Law firms have been forced to adapt and innovate, and quickly.

It hasn’t been easy for some firms. Others are thriving.

It’s never been more important for law firms to focus on improving and innovating its values, communication norms, time and output expectations of lawyers and professional staff, career development opportunities, social connections between colleagues and approach to decision making. This is all part of your firm’s culture and can greatly impact your reputation and ability to recruit and retain people in such a competitive landscape.

I’ve had my fair share of working in tough law firm environments as well as others that were supportive and wonderful. Every firm is different and you really never know how if you will fit in – and if the culture is a good fit for you – until you actually immerse yourself in the day-to-day life at a firm.

But we have a lot of choices today – and that’s something that law firms need to recognize. Your people will leave if you don’t support them or create a positive environment in which they can grow and thrive.

I had the opportunity to speak on a panel discussing law firm culture and how law firms can better position themselves for the future at the ARK National conference.

Here are some key takeaways from my panel:

Creating and nurturing a law firm culture that supports its people’s success (both as employees and as human beings) and treats everyone fairly is critical to your firm’s success. Continuing to innovate and challenge norms empowers law firms to help their employees, clients and business thrive.

Thank you to everyone who attended my session at the ARK Conference 2023! It was great to see so many industry friends too.

What else would you add to how law firms can enhance their culture?

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