New Legislation Regarding COVID-19 and Access to Workplace

Effective as of 15 February, self-employees and employees of the private sector who have turned 50 and older are required to own and show the so-called “Super Green Pass” in order to access their workplace. The Super Green Pass is the certification granted to those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from COVID-19.

Employees 50 and older not owing the Super Green Pass are not able to access the workplace and will be considered unjustified absents, with no right to salary, until 15 June 2022 or until the Super Green Pass is shown.

Unjustified absent employees are entitled to keep their job and cannot be subject to disciplinary sanctions.

An administrative sanction ranging from €600 to €1,500 may apply to employees 50 and older who access the workplace without owning the Super Green Pass; disciplinary sanctions may be triggered as well.

Employees 50 and older who have recovered from COVID-19 are entitled to postpone the vaccination up to the expiration of the relevant certification.

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National Law Review, Volumess XII, Number 18